Multiple criminal charges have been filed against a Sulphur man now formally accused of turning the good intentions of a Wynnewood woman wanting to help him into a sexual attack involving force and fear.

Now behind bars is Samuel Dorian Smith, 22, after such charges as kidnapping, forcible sodomy, grand larceny and second-degree burglary were filed against him in Garvin County District Court.

Smith is accused of luring the woman back in early February on the pretense of needing a ride back to Wynnewood.

The actions of the good samaritan were turned against her as the man she called Sammy is alleged to have attacked the woman in a rural trailer home northeast of Wynnewood demanding a sexual act in exchange for her life and the safety of those in her family.

After it was eventually determined the incident occurred in Garvin County and not Murray County, the woman told authorities here it all began on Feb. 1 when Smith, who was introduced to her a day earlier by a friend, knocked on the door of her Wynnewood residence looking for some help.

Smith was wanting someone to follow and give him a ride back to Wynnewood after he drove a borrowed vehicle to Joy.

The woman claimed to become afraid of Smith’s intentions after they arrived at the site of a trailer.

She quickly convinced herself she was being paranoid and entered the trailer after Smith reportedly forced open a doorway previously blocked by a nailed shut piece of wood.

Within moments the woman felt the first wave of fear as Smith is alleged to starting choking her as she also felt some type of metal object pressed against her skin just below an ear.

During the struggle the woman later said she lost a silver hoop earring that fell to the carpet.

Barely able to breath and fearing for her life the woman stopped struggling and conceded to the attacker’s demands for oral sex.

Afterwards the woman claims Smith threatened to kill her and her children if she told anyone about the incident.

The woman did tell someone as last Wednesday she was finally hooked up with Garvin County deputies for an interview that at times became emotional.

“While I was conducting the interview with (the woman), I observed at times where she would become emotional,” Deputy Travis Crawford stated in a filed affidavit.

“(She) became teary-eyed at times, especially when she was communicating with me about the possible death of her children,” he reported.

The woman also reported that Smith stole several hundred dollars from her wallet during the incident.

After the interview those same deputies, with the permission of the property owner, located and searched the trailer after being given directions by the victim.

Among the things found inside was a silver hoop earring believed to the same one lost by the woman as she was being choked. It was reportedly found in the same room as described by the woman during her interview.

Also collected by officers was a 2-inch metal screw believed to be the metal object pressed against her neck during the attack.

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