The formal accusations have piled up for a Maysville man who authorities say threatened law enforcement officers before then trying to run away.

In fact, there's a total of six criminal charges now faced by Gary Lee Smith, 30, after an incident in Maysville last weekend.

Records filed in Garvin County District Court show the case started when Maysville police were contacted about a possible domestic violence situation at a local residence in the late night hours of Jan. 11.

A Garvin County sheriff's deputy arriving at the scene reported seeing the Maysville officer ordering Smith to drop a weapon, which was at the time believed to be some type of pipe or angle iron.

The item held by Smith was then reported to have been raised above his head in a threatening manner.

When Smith is reported to have moved toward a deputy he was hit with two taser probes to the chest.

A filed documents shows Smith was stopped until he ripped the copper leads from the probes and took off running through the Maysville apartment complex.

During the foot pursuit a deputy reported he tackled Smith to the ground. Smith, who officials say continued to resist, was finally handcuffed and taken into custody.

Smith is alleged to have then spit at deputies threatening to find them and their families. One deputy reported Smith said when he “got out of jail he would come find me and my family and would kill us all.”

After being placed in a patrol car Smith is reported to have kicked the glass out of a window.

Reports also show the item held by Smith was actually a brown piece of wood.

The felonies filed against Smith included assaulting a police officer, domestic assault, threats of performing an “act of violence” and trying to escape arrest. All included tags of former convictions.

There were also two misdemeanor counts of damage to property.

Smith was given a $100,000 bond and a court appearance later this month.

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