Tornado season is upon us and after witnessing the awesome power of the monster twister that devastated Moore, Oklahoma in May of 1999, many Garvin County residents have determined to protect their family by providing some form of shelter from the fury of the storm.

What occurs during a violent storm can be dangerous, but, according to Pauls Valley Emergency Manager, Don Wageman, what’s left in the aftermath could pose additional danger for survivors in shelters and that is the focus of a new program being promoted by the city this month.

“We strongly suggest every family designate an area around or in their home as a shelter in the event of a storm. But beginning in April we’re also asking local residents go one step further by filling out a storm shelter registration form,” Wageman said.

“We’ve had situations where people were in a shelter and rescue personnel couldn’t find them because debris was piled on top of the shelter. This information will help us locate them after a storm and get them out quickly and safely.”

Wageman said the information collected from the forms will not only benefit owners of shelters, but will also prove helpful to those in need of shelter during times of emergency.

“The forms not only ask what type of shelter you have and where it’s located on your property — like a cellar, basement or a closet in the middle of the house — but it also asks you to specify if the shelter you have is open to the public or not,” Wageman explained.

“Other than being able to locate the shelters, that’s one of the main reasons for these registrations — to let other people know where they can go in the event of a violent storm.”

Local residents can obtain a Storm Shelter Registration form and a list of public storm shelter locations by visiting the Pauls Valley City Hall located at the corner of Paul and Chickasaw during regular office hours.

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