No rain or wind or yucky weather could stop a whole lot of folks from coming together and making a difference in cleaning up parts of the Pauls Valley community.

It’s been a few weeks since local residents banded together for a single community clean-up day. Looking back some of those right in the middle of it all say it definitely made a positive difference.

The rainy weather back on Oct. 26 was not the best, but the response for what’s called Pockets of Progress was more than solid in what many hope will be beginning of an ongoing effort to bring the clean back to Pauls Valley.

“I was literally blown away by the response that we had from the community, from the churches,” said Jeremy Clayton, who is serving as this year’s president of the Pauls Valley Ministerial Alliance.

“It was so rainy and so cold that day I had lowered my expectation. I thought we would have a win with 60 or 70 because of the weather.”

Instead, nearly 200 people, 188 to be exact, came out to help with the community clean-up duties.

“It proves how much community pride Pauls Valley has. It demonstrates how much people want to serve their community and put a beautiful face on it,” Clayton said.

“It was so beyond anything we had envisioned before we had partnered with the other groups.”

The reference is to the local ministerial alliance, Pauls Valley Chamber of Commerce and city of Pauls Valley teaming up to pull together a community clean-up day.

On that day weeks ago the main focus was picking up trash along the main roads leading into PV and the alleyways in the downtown area.

“There was a benefit to the community and to the city without them having to pay someone to do it,” he adds.

“Maybe it was an important step for us.”

Sherri Wing of the chamber agrees the response could very well have represented a big step forward as the another community trash pick-up day is expected to come next spring, possibly in May.

“It was a contagious day,” she said. “Everything just aligned and people worked for the betterment of our community.

“I hope we all keep leaning into the direction of Pauls Valley.”

Wing said a total of 161 bags of trash were collected in the group effort on the one day.

“It did make a difference. You can tell just by looking around.”

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