Members of the Pauls Valley Beautification Commission are now clear about their intentions to put more force behind city ordinances already on the books.

They look to be pushing forward with planned changes that could include a faster process of notifying local residents when their properties are not being properly maintained.

Although any changes will need the city council's approval before going into effect, commission members are also leaning toward adding tougher penalties and fines when properties and local houses are not getting the care that's needed.

“We've got to let people know we're serious,” said Connie Upton.

“We have an ordinance but it just doesn't have the teeth in it that we need. We need to have that in the letter we send them,” she said about letters going out and specific fine totals that could be levied on violators.

During a meeting this week Upton and two other commission members, Eric Smith and Churee Chaffin, agreed they're hoping to streamline the notification process and lay out specific fine totals for violators not maintaining their properties.

With any fines possibly being added to a home's monthly water bill, the group says the idea is come up with more effective ways to keep local properties cleaned up in Pauls Valley.

“I like where we're going with this,” Smith said.

“We need to simplify the process and get things done. Some of the things in here we need to add fines,” he said, referring to local beautification ordinances already in place.

“If we have a continual budget we can add to that budget and we can get some of these properties cleaned up.”

The trio also wants to partner up with churches and any local organizations that can offer some help to those elderly, disabled or low income residents who simply can't handle their property's maintenance.

“I don't want to fine anybody who can't get the work done,” Upton said.

“The people who really need help, we've got churches and service groups that can help them. We'll find out who these people are and we can get them the help they need.”

Right now commission members are planning a meeting in early November to begin the process of “hashing out” the details of any fine totals or notification changes they plan to present for council consideration.

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