A three day filing period comes next week for any candidates looking to run for the commissioner's post overseeing District 1 on the western side of Garvin County.

The filings are needed as Kenneth Holden formally stepped down for retirement on Feb. 2.

The filings will be Monday through Wednesday, Feb. 15-17 at the Garvin County Election Board in the county courthouse in Pauls Valley.

A special election is scheduled for April 6, while a runoff election would be May 11 if needed.


A number of other races developed last week as a filing period was held for candidates interested in running for a municipal office in towns all across Garvin County.

All primary elections coming from the three days worth of filings will be on April 6.

In Pauls Valley four offices on the local city council were a part of the filings.

Filing to run for two PV offices with full four-year terms are incumbents Bonnie Meisel and Chip Pearson, Heather Mullens and Jeff Watson.

A couple of other local council spots, these for two-year unexpired terms, got the attention of incumbent Eric Smith, Jonathan Grimmett, Marty Brummett and Uraina Smith.

• The filings were similar in Paoli as four board of trustee offices were included.

Four candidates filed to run for two four-year board offices – James Pickle, Lesana Carter, Kevin Maloy and Daimon Hillhouse.

Three others – Bryan Campbell, Stephen English and Kenoth Shane Patton – are now set to go for two board offices with each carrying two-year unexpired terms.

• Three different races in Elmore City have come from the filings.

Filing for the Ward 1 office on EC's board of trustees are Shalon McMillen, Kristy Stone and Adam Venegas.

Randal McFadden and Justin Spain filed for the Ward 3 office.

Filing to run for mayor in Elmore are Dennis Maddox, Louisa Ramanos and Brandae Hucks.

All three of the offices are for full four-year terms.

No candidates filed for city marshal or street commissioner in Elmore City.

• Changes look be coming to Maysville's of board of trustees as a total of 10 candidates filed for all five offices.

Filing to run for three of the offices, each for full terms, are Cathy Nobles, David Uhles, Earl Morton, Lois Parks, Morgan Russell, Joe Couch and Jessie Ray McCoy.

Three candidates – John Layton, Cynthia White and Terri Smith – filed for a couple of two-year terms on the Maysville board.

• The filings fell into a distinct pattern in Wynnewood as five different offices wound up being claimed by five candidates without opposition.

Claiming the Ward 1 office on the local city council was Johnny Denny, Kenny Hudson in Ward 2, Jokori Taylor in Ward 3 and Bob Anderson in Ward 4.

Colie Cross was the only candidate filing for Wynnewood's city clerk.

• The story was the same in Stratford as Santee Ritter Wade and Johnny Mann claimed two spots on the local board of trustees, while Shelly Hatter was the lone candidate filing for town clerk.

• There also don't look to be races coming in Lindsay as four candidates filed for the four two-year terms on the local city council. They are Anthony Hernandez, Joshua Miller, Robin Staggs and Shelly Stevens.


One school board race won't be a part of the April 6 election after one of two candidates withdrew.

A school board election in the Elmore City-Pernell district between Derek Stanley and Casen Lauderdale dramatically changed when Lauderdale withdrew from the race. Stanley now claims the five-year term in Elmore City.

On the April election day Jeffry Thompson II and Gus Adkins are still competing for a five-year office on the Paoli School Board.

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