A long list of criminal charges are now faced by a Stratford couple accusing them of sexually abusing their own children.

Incest is at the center the allegations against Kyle William Holman, 36, and Amanda Stowers, 35.

A total of 12 felony counts were filed Wednesday against Holman. They include child sexual abuse, rape, assault, committing lewd act with a child and even possession of methamphetamine.

Six similar charges were also filed against Stowers in Garvin County District Court.

A filed affidavit shows the case began for Stratford police with a call from a child welfare worker back on April 29 informing them of a possible sexual assault case.

Officers were told two boys, ages 16 and 14, were seeking help after walking about five miles east of Stratford. Neither boy had shoes on their feet and both were reported to be carrying sleeping bags.

Officials learned both teens were claiming to have been sexually assaulted by their parents.

The allegations led authorities to an apartment in Stratford, where child welfare officials and Stratford police met with both Holman and Stowers.

They reported seeing seeing several marijuana plants inside the residence, while Stowers was seen with one “black and blue” eye that appeared to have been punched by someone.

The affidavit shows Holman later admitted to throwing a bungee that struck Stowers in the face during an argument.

While speaking privately with officials Stowers first denied before then admitting to having had sex with one of her sons. She also is reported to have claimed Holman forced her into the acts.

Officers reported Stowers claimed Holman had threatened to kill her and their boys with a steel bar if they spoke with anyone about what was going on in their apartment.

During initial questioning Holman is reported to have denied any allegations of sexual abuse.

As Holman was being arrested on a domestic abuse complaint officers reported finding a small clear baggie containing meth in one of his pockets.

Just two days after officials were first notified about the allegations, both boys were interviewed by child welfare officials.

According to the affidavit, the two teens again confirmed the sexual abuse allegations against their parents. They also claimed their father threatened to kill them if they spoke about the acts.

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