Craving kicks off delivery service

Wynnewood resident Lindsay Lou Mahorney is hoping her one-woman delivery service will take off for an area that includes Pauls Valley. (PV Democrat photo)

A lazy little craving one night has ignited a simple idea that's led to one Wynnewood woman hitting the road, literally, to bring the good stuff to you as part of her own delivery service.

That craving by Lindsay Lou Mahorney, a 2014 graduate of Stratford who's lived in Wynnewood most of her life, led to a chat with her boyfriend and the idea of starting what she now calls Guber's Delivery Service.

“About a month ago I was sitting on my bed and I really started to want some chocolate and I didn't want to go out and get it myself,” Lindsay tells the PV Democrat in a chat this week.

“It was pretty late that night and I was thinking how I wish someone would deliver it to me; that I would pay triple if I wouldn't have to get out.”

She did get out that night to go get the chocolate, but the idea was hatched to start up a one-person service that makes deliveries to people who for whatever reason could use this kind of helping hand.

When Lindsay says deliveries she means just about anything, at least within reason.

Equally important, it's got to fit in her little hatchback car.

Also, the service is not a taxi service as Lindsay says it's not about giving rides but making deliveries.

That's why her two mottos are “we'll get it” and “I'm a Guber not an Uber.

“I feel God has placed me on earth to help people. I threw the delivery idea out and my father said it would be the best thing for the Wynnewood and Pauls Valley area,” she said.

“If you need something delivered call me and I'm there. No humans but if it fits into my car I'll bring it to you.”

The delivery idea really made sense to Lindsay since her father is confined to a wheelchair and she had a great-grandmother who had trouble getting around.

“I've heard people talk about how they wish there were people that would just bring food to my house. I've talked to people who said they're excited about this idea and hope it works for me.

“My first job was to pick up two pizzas and deliver them. Someone else asked me to pick up their dog and pick up their dinner. It was just a person who needed a little help.

“It made me feel like I was trusted and that it might be something that just might work.”

As for why she named it Guber's Delivery Service, Lindsay says it's because her father called her a goober when she was a kid.

Her base area for delivers includes Wynnewood, Pauls Valley, Stratford and Davis with a cost in the $10 to $15 range.

From there it's an additional $1 per mile one way for places like Ada, Ardmore or Oklahoma City.

To find out more call Lindsay at 405-207-3651 with delivery hours 7 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. weekdays or go online to her Facebook page.

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