Dispensary move gets official OK

A little clean-up was in order for an ordinance change decided months ago on the hours of operation for medical marijuana dispensaries in Pauls Valley.

It was late last summer when the issue was a hot one as local dispensary owners loudly voiced their opposition to any limitations being placed on the hours they could operate.

The specific complaints against the original ordinance were the proposed hours being 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. six days of the week, while also being closed Sundays and the holidays of Christmas, Thanksgiving, July 4th and New Year’s Day.

Their voices were heard as members of the both the local planning and zoning commission and city council agreed to strike those original plans and instead give dispensary owners the ability to choose their own hours.

The change to an amended ordinance came only last week during a regular council meeting.

“Basically this is the modified ordinance about the hours that they can be open,” said PV Assistant City Manager Don Wageman.

“It’s about not limiting the hours of operation. Back then we had some push back from operators. They were saying that we didn’t govern pharmacies on their hours of operation.”

Wageman is referring to the council’s recent approval of Section 10-173 of the city’s ordinance allowing retail medical marijuana businesses to be open on Sundays and all holidays, along with unregulated hours every day of the week.

“The hours of operation shall be as determined by the owners or proprietor of such establishment … and may be any day of the week including Sundays and all holidays,” states a portion of the now officially approved ordinance.

“This is a routine clean-up for the ordinances,” Wageman said. “They can be open whenever they want just like any business.”

For Wageman and others the ordinance change actually getting the OK last August has worked out just fine since that time.

“There have been no complaints on anything with the dispensaries,” he said.

“No complaints, tax money is coming in. They’re just another business in town. Like everyone else they’re open and just trying to survive.”

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