The act of stabbing a family's pet dog to death, combined with revoked sentences from the past, now has a Pauls Valley defendant set to serve time in prison.

A new plea deal came this week for Deane Eugene Jones, 26, who was first accused of assaulting his girlfriend on May 23 before then fatally stabbing a dog named Buddy as he ran from pursuing police officers later that same night.

After Jones was formally charged three weeks ago Garvin County prosecutors then filed a motion to revoke a suspended sentence he received in a 2017 conviction.

In that case Jones also took a plea deal for firearm possession and domestic abuse charges. For that conviction he was given a 10-year term with all but the first six months suspended.

With that sentence now revoked Jones also took a new plea deal that calls for a total term of 13 years in prison.

The new deal saw Jones plead guilty to stabbing the dog, while two assault charges were dismissed.

Officials say he could face even more criminal charges later for allegedly stabbing another man, also back on May 23.

The incident on that day started when patrolling PV officers spotted Jones walking.

He first ran down an alley and jumped over into a local home's fenced yard in the 500 block of South Pecan. There Jones was greeted by Buddy, described as a labrador/golden retriever mix.

With officers pursuing on foot, Jones later admitted to stabbing the dog because he thought it was a K-9 with the police.

There were reports from a child at the residence that Buddy could be heard “whining and yelping” like he was hurt.

Hours later Jones' girlfriend contacted police about him assaulting her earlier in the evening of May 23.

What the woman alleges is Jones used his hands to choke her and a knife to threaten her.

She said during an argument Jones grabbed her by the right arm and dragged her toward him. He then is alleged to have strangled her before she was able to get free and escape.

Before the foot pursuit police were already looking for Jones for allegedly stabbing another man earlier in the same day. That man was later taken to an Oklahoma City hospital with a punctured lung.

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