The holiday season seems like a good time for one group to remind Garvin County residents to be safe with the storage and disposal of their prescriptions medications.

That may sound simple but it's often not as those meds are sometimes taken for granted and wind up falling into the wrong hands.

That's part of the message coming from Chelsey Stevenson of Wichita Mountains Prevention Network in Ardmore.

This nonprofit group covers this region of the state with its awareness message.

“The holiday time is the perfect time to remind people to exercise good habits with the storage of their prescriptions medications,” Stevenson tells the PV Democrat.

“We're a non-profit organization covering eight counties working to raise awareness on alcohol and substance abuse.

“We're reminding people to store their medications properly so they don't fall into the hands of others. If you just throw them away people can dig them out of your trash and then misuse those drugs.

“We tell people to properly store medications and then safely dispose of them.”

Stevenson says an easy way to safely dispose of old prescription medications no longer wanted is to simply place them in a secure dropbox meant to collect substances of these kinds.

In Pauls Valley there are four places to safely drop off old meds.

One is on the first floor annex of the Garvin County Courthouse near the sheriff's office.

Others are at Pauls Valley's police station, a county building in PV at the corner of McClure and Walnut and the Chickasaw Nation senior center on Indian Meridian Road.

The police station in Lindsay is another place in the county where a dropbox is located.

There are also a few tips that can help reduce the risks of others using or abusing your medications during the holidays or anytime.

First tip – store medications in a safe and secure place that is not easily accessible to others.

Lockboxes are a great way to properly store prescription meds.

Also for travelers, when packing for a holiday trip, keep your medicines in their original child-resistant containers, not baggies or pill organizers that can be easily accessed by others.

Also, do not share prescription medications with friends and family as it's illegal and could be harmful or even deadly.

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