Hundreds of youngsters from all over the area will soon jump right into the middle of the education and fun of an Earth Day celebration in Pauls Valley.

This next one is set to go throughout much of Thursday, April 18 at the Garvin County Fairgrounds.

As in the past the gathering led by the Pauls Valley Recycling Committee is meant to teach the young students about good conservation and recycling habits.

“It's a very busy, fun day,” said Cathy Cash of the Garvin County Community Living Center, which oversees the local recycling program.

“I do feel it's exciting for the kids, but I feel also it's educating the community. It creates a lot of excitement for a lot of little kids.

“Our objective when we started this was we wanted recycling to become a habit for these kids.

“Pauls Valley is lucky to have recycling. It's a way to support that and help encourage people to keep our town clean.”

Around 750 students prekindergarten through the fourth grade from all over Garvin County are on the way for the one-day event. That's 39 classes, more than 70 teachers and a bunch of volunteers.

Presentations are expected on things like electricity and wind power, while bees are just one of the many exhibitions lined up to go with a petting zoo.

“We don't promote the event,” she said. “We truly can't take any more children. I always have to turn schools down. We just can't physically handle any more.

“Schools love it because it's an opportunity for their kids, it's close to home and it doesn't cost the schools anything.”

During a presentation to the city council this week Cash said a request for local tourism funding is to pay for T-shirts given to each child attending the Earth Day event in PV.

“When we started this we would give each child a T-shirt. The shirts are for them and they wear them for the Trash Off parade. It's a big thing for them.”

That Trash Off parade, also becoming a local tradition, is set for a 2 p.m. start on Tuesday, April 23 in downtown PV.

“I think it's a wonderful thing,” said council member Bonnie Meisel, “As a retired educator I love this event, but I can't see the relationship with tourism.”

“I think anything we do that builds up our community is a tourism thing,” Cash said in response.

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