Three filings look to be in the books and more could be on the way as candidates are signing on the dotted line for municipal offices in Elmore City.

The absolute deadline is 5 p.m. Wednesday, July 17 for candidates to take the plunge and file at the Garvin County Election Board office in the county courthouse in Pauls Valley.

As of Tuesday there were three filings for three offices.

Filing were Louisa Romanos, incumbent city clerk/treasurer, and Tim Clark, incumbent for a Ward 4 seat on EC's town council.

Also filing was Jason Smith, who is seeking a Ward 2 seat on the council.

The two council posts are both for four-year terms, while the city clerk/treasurer includes a six-year term.

If any races do come from the filings they will be contested on Sept. 10.

Another election set for that exact same day is a school bond vote for residents living in the Elmore

City-Pernell School District.

Just last week members of the ECP Board of Education voted to call for the election for a bond issue that's had some adjustments to the one falling just short of passage this past March.

This new issue has two propositions that total nearly $19.5 million in a series over 18 years. Both will be on the same ballot but voted on separately.

The first proposition calls for a new 12-classroom high school building with two additional rooms accounting for new science and math labs, or STEM, and improved security at the elementary school entrances, along with a paved parking lot there.

Plans also call for a STEM lab to be added to ECP's middle school.

It totals more than $8.1 million and projects an initial property tax increase of 5 percent in the school district.

The other proposition is more for the extracurricular side, such as sports facilities, the school's ag barn and new instruments for the Badger band.

Projects here include a new gymnasium and improvements to the Badger football field with a new concession stand, public restrooms, locker rooms, weight room and additional handicap compliant seating for local fans.

This second proposition also includes improvements to ECP's agriculture show barn and shop and the acquisition of new band instruments.

This proposition totals just over $11.3 million, financing included, and projects an 8.5 percent tax increase.

If both propositions are passed it would raise property taxes by $13.50 for every $100 now paid.

The last day to register to vote in the election is Aug. 16.

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