An eye-catching charge of a Garvin County assault with a pastry has now stretched into a case sealed to the public.

There was no testimony, only a simple motion as a misdemeanor filed against Trevor Pearson, 31, of Lexington this past summer has now been cleared from his public record.

It came this week as Pearson and his attorney got their motion approved to expunge his name and the case from the records accessible by the public.

In reality the case being sealed is a misdemeanor disturbing the peace, which is what the original charge of assault and battery with a pastry was amended to just days after it was filed in late August.

After that Pearson pleaded no contest to the reduced charge, while also paying all his fines and court costs in full.

The unusual case came from an incident way back on May 19 when Pearson was alleged to have thrown a cupcake from a moving car, which then struck another motorist.

Getting the initial report was a McClain County deputy who then moved it to Garvin County authorities since the incident took place at a construction zone for a bridge project near Paoli.

A filed affidavit shows the woman driving the car that had Pearson riding in as a passenger told deputies they were traveling northbound on Interstate 35.

As they approached the bridge project, located just north of the Paoli exit at state Highway 145, the driver started slowing down because traffic narrowed to one lane.

At that point she said another vehicle passed on the highway's shoulder and someone inside “flipped her off.”

At some point someone, later determined to be Pearson, threw a cupcake from the vehicle he was in, where it struck the driver of the second vehicle in the face.

That driver was not injured but apparently wanted to press a formal complaint against Pearson leading to the filed charge.

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