It was a weekend of potential danger in the Paoli area as a trio of grass fires broke out either by accident or on purpose.

Garvin County authorities confirmed Monday all three of the fires are being investigated as possible cases of arson.

In each case either large or small stretches of pasture land were burned at three different sites in the Paoli vicinity.

The last of the fires resulted in a Lawton man, out by himself and with no transportation, being given a couple of citations.

It came in the early morning hours Sunday about 4 miles east of Paoli.

“Based on our investigation and what was said to us by this suspect, a cigarette seemed to be the cause of this fire,” said Capt. Travis Crawford of the Garvin County Sheriff’s Department.

Initially deputies were contacted by Paoli firefighters who had come in contact with 25-year-old Joshua Furister.

“The Paoli Fire Department had detained an individual they thought may have knowledge of the fire,” Crawford said.

“He was cited for trespassing and for a burn ban violation.”

Although Furister was not arrested, criminal charges in the case could be filed in district court later.

The first of the three fires was reported Saturday afternoon about a mile west of Paoli.

In all, about 5 acres of grass land were burned as no structures were damaged.

A total of three juveniles are for now considered suspects in what’s being treated as a possible case of arson.

“It’s still being investigated as an arson,” Crawford said.

“These suspects could be accused of intentionally setting a pasture on fire.”

Later on Saturday another fire was reported a few more miles west of Paoli at a site about a mile east of Interstate 35 and near state Highway 145.

Little is known about this fire, which only scorched a portion of an acre.

“We don’t know if this one was arson or accidental.”

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