One woman already in jail has been identified as one of those possibly taking part in a counterfeit money scheme that includes the Garvin County area.

In jail is Heather Tucker, 29, of Rush Springs, who Garvin County authorities are now investigating as one of the possible suspects passing phony bills from Ardmore to Oklahoma City.

Those reports of fake money include a couple of convenience stores located in and near Elmore City.

Officials with the Garvin County Sheriff's Office have confirmed they have teamed up with agents of the U.S. Secret Service to conduct an investigation into the counterfeiting reports.

According to a statement released by Sheriff Jim Mullett, the investigation led to Tucker being identified as a person of interest and possibly one of the individuals who had been passing the bills off as real currency.

One convenience store had surveillance cameras located inside, which reportedly were able to capture Tucker passing off a counterfeit bill.

Based off the video, Tucker was identified and arrested and booked into the Garvin County jail.

Through the investigation deputies were able to identify other individuals of interest resulting in the search of a residence just southwest of Elmore City.

During the search deputies reported finding several items used to make counterfeit bills, including computers, printers, color ink and some actual counterfeit bills.

The investigation is apparently ongoing as more arrests and criminal charges could come from a larger region that includes Garvin County.

As for Tucker, a formal charge of marijuana possession was recently filed after she was booked into the county jail here.

Court documents show Tucker was seen on live surveillance footage going up to a holding cage and taking something from Douglas Wallace, 24.

According to the charge now filed against her, Tucker was found with a marijuana cigarette passed by Wallace. Officials believe the marijuana joint could possibly have been wrapped with a page from the Bible.


In other news, a total of nine inmates have been or will soon be transferred from the Garvin County jail to start their prison sentences at a state facility.

They include Benjamin Williams of Roff, Shawn Gilliland of Pauls Valley, Andrew Swafford of Pauls Valley, Kenneth Preast of Pauls Valley, Donna Cook of Oklahoma City, Theodore Higgins of Oklahoma City, Anthony Swanson of Oklahoma City, Jarred Barnes of Wynnewood and Matthew Stewart of Maysville.

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