Health officials are wanting area residents to understand there's no need to worry just because a case of COVID-19 has been confirmed in Garvin County.

Few details have been made available as the news of someone in this county testing positive for the coronavirus broke Friday.

Mendy Spohn, administrator of the Garvin County Health Department and eight other counties in the region, told the PV Democrat her office and others were conducting a more thorough investigation into the case.

“We definitely do have a positive in Garvin County,” Spohn said. “This is the first case for my nine-county region.

“Our message to the public is not changing based on a positive being confirmed. Be social distancing aware, wash you hands frequently and take care of yourself by self-isolating as much as possible.”

Although there's not any specific information right now, Spohn says the health department here is working with state health department officials, namely a public health nurse assessing recent contacts, to investigate the case, which is the 49th reported so far in Oklahoma.

Spohn's best advice to residents is to continue taking care of themselves and not to get too stressed out from this coronavirus outbreak.

“The biggest message is if you feel symptoms of the virus stay home and take care of yourself at home with over the counter medication. If you feel severely ill contact your doctor,” she said.

“Most people will be able to take care of themselves at home. Start with that. We don't want to overload our health care services.

“My advice is pay attention to all precautions. People need to assume we have COVID-19 in the community and take the proper precautions.

“There's no need for people to stress out because a positive has been confirmed here. If people are feeling increased anxiety from this I would suggest they call the call center. Sometimes just having people to talk to helps,” Spohn adds.

She said trained individuals and nurses are available at the Coronavirus Call Center, 877-215-8336. More is also available at online.

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