The final day to get registered to vote before the first of the presidential ballots arrives is later this week.

Garvin County election officials are reminding the public that Friday, Feb. 7 is the last day to get registered in order to cast a ballot for a presidential preferential primary vote on March 3.

On this first vote during what should be a busy election year registered Democrats and Independents will vote on the list of Democratic candidates running for president, while Republicans will vote on the list of Republican candidates.

Anyone already registered to vote needs to remember they don’t have to register again for the March election.

More information on the registrations and even absentee ballots is available online or at the election board office located in the country courthouse in Pauls Valley.

Voters should also remember that no changes in party affiliation are allowed from April 1 through Aug. 31.

There will also be a more local race for a school board office in the Elmore City-Pernell district.

Reneé Barber and Carl Stevens are set for the ECP race during an election on April 7.

Then comes a three-day filing period on April 8-10 as any races coming from this will be on the ballot for the primary election on June 30.

Here in Garvin County there are four county offices scheduled to be a part of the April filings.

Those offices are now occupied by Sheriff Jim Mullett, District 2 Commissioner Gary Ayres, Court Clerk Laura Lee and County Clerk Lori Fulks.

Voters wanting to get registered to be eligible for the primary election in the summer have until June 5.

Any runoff races from the primary elections will be decided Aug. 25, while the general election for the entire country is Nov. 3.

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