It’s been a tough week for one Pauls Valley woman who, while being held in jail on drug related charges, was formally accused of writing forged checks before her current stint behind bars.

This next round of legal problems for Krystel Lorene James came the day before her 25th birthday as a trio of felony charges were filed Wednesday in Garvin County District Court.

Those charges accuse James of forging stolen checks to make a handful of purchases back in March at a local store.

Since that time, May 30 to be exact, she and two other subjects were arrested when they were found to have illegal narcotics and other substances meant to look like and possibly be sold like drugs.

This week’s charges stem from events starting in early March when county authorities were contacted about a break-in at a storage facility in southwest Pauls Valley.

Individuals renting several of the storage units reported some of their items were indeed missing.

Taken from one of those storage units was a box of checks belonging to an account at a Pauls Valley bank.

Employees at the bank later confirmed the account had been closed for some time. They also “flagged” the account in case anyone did attempt to cash one of the stolen checks.

One week later that’s exactly what happened when two checks totaling almost $75 were cashed at a local convenience store.

Bank officials said the signature on the checks did not match that of the account’s former holder, which meant the checks had been forged.

Deputies tracked the checks to James when she was identified by both a surveillance video and clerks working at the store.

One of the clerks even claimed to remember that James had written checks from the same account on other occasions, according to a filed affidavit.

Two days later that proved to be the case as four additional checks were discovered that also appeared to be forged. The checks totaled $108.52, reports show.

Also filed Wednesday was a bail jumping charge related to a drug possession accusation made against James in February.

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