Instead of a court hearing to argue that he should represent himself an Elmore City man accused of beating his wife and torturing their young child earlier this year will first have his competency evaluated.

The hearing for Mohamed Abdelrahman, 30, earlier this week quickly turned into an order for the defendant to first be sent to an inpatient mental health facility for a competency exam.

Abdelrahman is accused of brutally beating his wife with an aluminum baseball bat and threatening her with a machete and knife during a Feb. 15 incident at their home.

He is also alleged to have used a scolding hot machete blade to torture their five-year-old child on the bottom of the child’s feet as a way to get information on Abdelrahman’s belief his wife was having an affair.

The application for a determination of competency came from Abdelrahman's court-appointed attorney, Phillip Morton of Stratford.

“Counsel for the defendant believes that there is a serious question as to defendant's competency and ability to proceed in this matter,” Morton stated in a filed court document.

He claimed his client does not know the “difference between right and wrong” and is “unable to understand the nature of the charges.”

According to the document, Abdelrahman refused to acknowledge his own competency at a previous court appearance.

Apparently Abdelrahman marked out on a form where his attorney had circled “yes” indicating the defendant was competent.

Instead, Abdelrahman circled “no” indicating he was not competent.

On Monday a judge signed off on an order to send Abdelrahman to a state facility for the competency exam.

Originally this week's hearing was expected to focus on Abdelrahman's push to represent himself because a Muslim attorney couldn't be appointed.

He was informed the court can't appoint a religion-specific attorney through the Oklahoma Indigent Defense System.

Abdelrahman is already facing a long prison sentence in another case dating back a couple of years.

In March he was given a 35-year term after a judge agreed with a prosecutor's argument to accelerate a deferred sentence given to him for a 2019 child neglect case.

Up to this point Abdelrahman has been unsuccessful in withdrawing his no contest plea given a year ago in that case leading to the deferred sentence and now a prison term.

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