Future of civic club at stake

Without some new members joining up and willing to take the lead the future of a Pauls Valley civic club could be in jeopardy.

What’s next for the Pauls Valley Kiwanis Club, or even if there will be a next step, is the focus of a meeting planned for a noon start on Wednesday, Sept. 18 at The Vault art gallery in downtown PV.

The decline in the club’s membership was seen when it went from weekly meetings to a monthly gathering in more recent times.

Right now that membership stands at 36 with typically around 10 coming to the once-a-month lunch on the first Wednesday of the month.

“We need someone to step up,” Katie Johnson says. “We’re looking for leadership and attendance for the meetings.

“It’s a hard decision a lot of clubs have to make when so few members are coming to meetings. A lot of organizations have the same problems that we have. It’s hard to operate when so few members are attending.

“There would be a definite void if this operation closes up.”

With that in mind Johnson is encouraging as many Kiwanis members and even the general public to come to the meeting to offer their input on the value of keeping the club going into the future.

“We need as many members to show up as possible,” she said.

“We want people to come in and tell us what they want for the future of this club.

“I would be tickled pink if people would come and say they would join and they don’t want the club to go away.”

With the future of the local Kiwanis club on the line another big question centers on the future of a community event.

The reason for that is Kiwanis is the group that organizes the local July 4th celebration and fireworks show every summer in Wacker Park.

Johnson says the future of that event looks far more secure than the club itself.

“Our first concern was what happens to the Fourth of July celebration if the Kiwanis club is shut down,” Johnson tells the PV Democrat.

“We don’t want to put another burden on the city with it being so close to the noodling tournament,” she said, adding that event comes in mid-June.

“In the worst case scenario that we do shut down we would still be willing to volunteer to raise the funds and have the July 4th event here in Pauls Valley.

“There’s a committee of people who would commit to making sure we still had the event. It’s kind of on auto pilot, and we have a great group of volunteers.”

Yet another concern is the future of the Key Club, which is made up of students from PV High School associated with Kiwanis.

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