It might still be chilly out there on some days, but that doesn't mean some folks aren't already thinking about a little spring gardening.

Here in Pauls Valley that includes an offer for some free compost and mulch, at least for those willing to haul it away.

Materials for that compost and mulch come from right here in PV as piles of the stuff will be available to the public at the local recycling center on South Walnut near Rush Creek.

Chip Pearson, who oversees the local recycling program, says the city of Pauls Valley is offering up the material.

“The city is providing a fresh supply of compost and mulch at the recycling center,” Pearson said.

“It's free of charge to anybody that wants it. We figure some people out there will want some of this on their garden spot or flower beds.”

The materials for the compost mostly come from leaves and brush picked up off the streets of PV, while the mulch is a mix of chopped up tree limbs.

“The leaves and brush are picked up by the city throughout the year. We get it when it's really composted down pretty good.”

According to Pearson, the plan is to have piles of compost and mulch available near the actual facility where local recycling items are collected.

All people have to do is find a way to come out to the center and haul the materials away.

“The piles are behind the recycling center, behind the drop site,” he said.

“Bring bags, buckets or a pickup and just take it away. If the piles disappear that's OK because the city will just bring more.

“This is a service to the city, because they need to get rid of it, and a service to the public because it helps people with their gardens.”

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