A group of Wynnewood petitioners pushing for weeks got their wish Friday with a judge’s order to have a grand jury look closer into last year’s shooting death of Tom Horton.

Led by Horton’s sons and family friends, a petition drive proved successful as a grand jury is now scheduled to be convened at 1 p.m. Monday, Sept. 21 in a Garvin County district courtroom in Pauls Valley.

The order making it official came from District Judge Candace Blalock after election officials confirmed that enough signatures were contained in the petition to make the grand jury happen. It came with little room to spare as the announcement was made shortly before the deadline Friday afternoon.

Yet another twist came when petitioners filed an objection earlier Friday after they were led to believe the petition confirmation might come as late as Tuesday, after Labor Day.

The near-miss was avoided with Friday’s filing, said Secretary Kathy Brinley of the Garvin County Election Board.

Brinley said the process of verifying all the signatures in the petition as qualified voters in Garvin County was at times tough.

“For that length of time in an office of two, it was very involved,” Brinley said. “We did our best to make sure every consideration was taken for the petitioners.”

More specifically, the most time consuming thing was checking many of the petition signatures that were different than their names as listed when they registered to vote in Garvin County.

“There were all kinds of variations. It took time to go back and double check everything,” Brinley said.

“Some people signed the petition with their initials and there aren’t any initials in the name they’re registered under,” she said.

“We found some places where someone had signed their name on two different lines.”

In all there were more than 2,700 signatures on 281 petition pages filed by Horton’s sons, Pat Horton and Matt Horton, and family friends Shannon Kile, Raymond Bazor and Karen Ann Bazor.

All five question the ruling that Tom Horton’s death in December at his Wynnewood home was a suicide by way of a self-inflicted gunshot to his chest.

They believe the case should be investigated as a homicide with a grand jury looking to determine any possible suspects, at the thoroughness of the investigation and locate any evidence removed from Horton’s house after his death.

With the order now issued, 12 jurors will be randomly selected with the number of jury alternates up to the judge.

The grand jury investigation will also include an assistant district attorney who asks questions of witnesses while also acting as an adviser to the jurors.

Those same jurors can also quiz witnesses on Horton’s death or any other items, even those unrelated, they believe should be addressed.

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