Grant best water plant hope

Pauls Valley's water treatment plan took a hit when a bone-chilling winter storm blasted through last February as local city officials are now reaching out for some help.

Even though the water plant is today still running at an OK level help to pay for some much needed upgrades could come in the potential form of a seven-figure grant.

The first step came last week with a public hearing as the PV Municipal Authority plans to apply for a 100 percent federally funded grant.

“We've got to get some money to re-do our water plant,” City Manager James Frizell said to four PVMA members.

“It sustained damages due to the cold weather. Our engineer has identified almost $1 million in damages and that's mostly to pumps.

“We were pushing close to a million gallons of water a day during that storm. When it's that cold outside the water is denser and the demand was greater during the storm with lots of people dripping water in their faucets.

“The plant was never shut down, but the storm damaged some the membranes and pumps.”

Four PVMA trustees gave their approval to apply for the emergency community water assistance grant administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Despite the need for repairs to the plant, Frizell stresses the facility continues to treat water for the Pauls Valley community.

“Our plant is not going to crumble down or anything like that, but we want to do this in a timely fashion,” he said.

“The plant is still running. It's just operating at a lower level but it runs fine. It just needs to get some updates.”

Even without storm damages the city manager says the plant was still in need of some attention considering the facility has been online and operating since 2008.

If the grant is ultimately given approval all the funds must be spent on equipment needed to upgrade the local water plant.

“We're trying to get a grant to ease the burden of this cost. We've got more steps. We just can't go any further until we have this hearing.”

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