The call is out for any community groups in Garvin County to put their names in the hat for a grant program meant to help the cause.

There is a Pauls Valley connection to a program from the Gulfport Energy Fund of Oklahoma as application submissions are set to go through next month.

Through his role as chairman of the Pauls Valley Community Foundation, Arlen Williams says this Gulfport program is going through the Communities Foundation of Oklahoma to offer these grants.

Williams recently met with officials from the state foundation group to discuss the offer of grants from Gulfport for community organizations in Garvin, Grady and Stephens counties.

“They wanted to assess the needs of the community,” Williams says.

“We talked about some of the things with the public library, King’s Kids and what a tremendous asset to the community that it was and we no longer have it.

“Mostly the interest is for educational and child development projects.”

Along with the type of projects, Williams said any approved applications, which are needed by Aug. 30, could receive up to $10,000.

“There’s a whole lot of things that could use this grant money. It could be for an after school program at the library or it could be with the schools,” he said.

“We talked about playground equipment for the new school. If that was a grant that was approved the money allocated for that could be used for other things.

“I just want to get the word out. Somebody might see this and say, ‘I have a need that could be addressed with this grant money.’”

The online link to submit an application is or call 405-488-1450 for more information.


As for the Pauls Valley foundation, over the past 13 years its handed out $1,000 grants for a variety of community projects in PV and throughout Garvin County.

“We’ve paid out well in excess of $50,000 for all kinds of projects,” Williams said. “I couldn’t name all the things we’ve funded over the years.

“We’ve got plenty of money. Groups just need to apply. We do limit the grants to $1,000 so we can spread it out more.

“This is for anything that improves the quality of life in Garvin County. It’s mostly for Pauls Valley, but some grants have gone to groups in the county.”

To find out more about the grants here call Williams at his office in Pauls Valley, 405-238-6444.

A foundation board will consider all requests before an approval can be given.

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