Stories of a firearm on a high school campus in Garvin County proved true, but it doesn't appear to have been the kind of threat some might have first thought.

Elmore City-Pernell school officials not only confirmed but alerted the public to the discovery of a gun found inside a student's vehicle parked at the high school.

Superintendent Jennifer Cruz reports an ECP High School administrator made the discovery Monday morning, Nov. 18.

She's quick to stress this weapon never represented a threat to anyone's safety.

“I just want people to know no one was in any danger,” Cruz told the PV Democrat on Monday afternoon.

“No students were threatened. We were just following board policy,” she said, referring to the school immediately contacting Elmore City police.

A school official, while driving around the high school parking lot, noticed a student's vehicle was improperly parked. While checking it out he quickly saw a problem.

“He saw ammunition in the windshield, so police were called. A pistol was loaded with a magazine or clip or whatever it was. It was found inside the vehicle,” the superintendent adds.

“The student said the firearm belonged to a parent.”

When local police arrived the unnamed student was taken off campus as officer scontinued an official investigation into the incident. The weapon was also removed from the school site.

Law enforcement authorities could not be reached, but Cruz says they confirmed there was no threat as all students and staff were safe.

Maybe the most difficult thing about the whole ordeal was dealing with the aftermath, namely all the talk that started spreading around town after the gun was found.

“Almost immediately after it happened we began to post updates online,” Cruz said.

“There were a lot of stories about the incident and we wanted to stay ahead of those stories.”

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