A single gunshot fired, maybe a little too close to the target, now has a Maysville man facing a felony assault charge filed recently in Garvin County courts.

The incident actually came last summer as Sean McCann, 42, now faces a count of assault with a dangerous weapon.

McCann is believed to have argued with another motorist before firing a pistol one time as he left the scene.

That was back in July near the intersection of state Highway 29 and U.S. Highway 77 just west of Wynnewood.

One deputy called to the scene reported hearing McCann tell his wife that he had fired a gun.

A man later told authorities the dispute came after he pulled his vehicle in front of McCann's red Mustang as he drove from Wynnewood to Pauls Valley. It happened where four lanes of traffic converge into two.

He claimed McCann made hand gestures and soon caught up as both men were out of their vehicles arguing.

The man claimed McCann retrieved a gun and pointed it at him. A fight began for control of the weapon as the man drove away from the scene.

County deputies report later finding damage to one tire on the man's car that could have been caused by a fired bullet.


A former manager of a Lindsay restaurant now faces a felony count of embezzlement after numerous store deposits never made it the bank earlier this year.

The charge filed last week accuses Tammie Harder, 53, of fraudulently failing to make 21 bank deposits for the McDonald's store in Lindsay from Feb. 22 through March 1 this year.

In all, the claim is Harder embezzled a total of $29,467.34 as the deposits were never made at the restaurant's bank.

According to a court affidavit, video evidence show Harder's deposits were not done properly, while all the deposits from an assistant manager of the store were all accounted for and submitted properly to the bank.

“Harder offered to repay McDonald's for the missing deposits,” an official stated in the filed document. Harder also admitted to changing time card information for employees, records show.


A variety of animals not being cared for properly while in filthy conditions now has a Lindsay woman facing a number of criminal charges.

Ten felony counts of cruelty to animals are now faced by Heather Shawna Scyrkels, 40, as the multiple charges were recently filed in Garvin County District Court.

Court records show it all dates back to June when Lindsay officials went to check out Scyrkel's residence in the 900 block of West Chickasaw.

What they found was “dirt, grime and animal hair” all over the interior. They claimed the conditions were so bad they had difficulty breathing properly while inside the house.

“Obvious neglect and/or abuse” was reported for different types of fish, dogs, cats, reptiles, bird, two sugar gliders, kinkajou and chickens.

“There was an overwhelming smell of animal odor, dirt and mold.”

Most animals found did not have access to food or water to go with the “hundreds of dead bugs, hair and filth” in the residence.

Lindsay police and animal control officers reported securing a total of 174 animals from the house.

A few days after the 10 criminal charges were filed Scyrkels was released after posting a $20,000 bond. Her next court appearance is scheduled in December.

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