There were a lot of nods and smiles when this year’s royal court scampered around here and there serving in their honored roles for the Garvin County Fair.

There wasn’t one but three young ladies who put on the crowns as the fair’s queen, junior queen and princess.

Stepping up to serve as the queen was 16-year-old Mattie Richardson of Pauls Valley, while Taryn McCaa, a 12-year-old from Elmore City, was the junior queen and Tinley Milligan, 7, of Pauls Valley was the princess.

All three could be seen running around the show arena handing out the winners’ ribbons during the 104th fair’s final day this past Saturday.

Richardson was one who briefly put down her crown in order to be a participant during the cattle show at the fairgrounds in Pauls Valley.

The trio appeared happy to help during the event, which is one of the big reasons Richardson said she loved the Garvin County Fair.

That’s important because Richardson wrote an essay and answered questions in front of a panel as part of the process to win the title of fair queen.

“What I like about the fair is it brings the community together as a family,” Richardson says.

“I like the feeling that if you need something all you have to do is go across the barn and someone will give you some help.

“I also like that it includes everyone – from open entries to the livestock.”

Helping out was also a part of McCaa’s motivation to enter the junior queen contest.

“I like helping people raise money,” McCaa said.

Another big part of winning the crowns involved how much in fair ticket sales were rung up by each of the three ladies.

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