Officials in the Garvin County Election Board and offices like it are about to get a lot busier as a couple of upcoming dates should be the first step to some heated political activity later this year.

The first is less than a week away. More specifically, the date of Wednesday, May 31, is the last day Oklahomans can make sure they have a say in electing the nominee of a political party this summer.

That deadline is the last time registered voters can change their political affiliation before any primary elections on July 25 or subsequent runoff races if needed.

Generally, only voters registered in a recognized political party can vote to select that party’s nominees. Voters not registered in a party, such as Independents, cannot vote for party candidates in primary elections without the party’s permission.

Oklahoma has two recognized political parties in 2006: Democrat and Republican.

All registered voters, regardless of political affiliation, can vote for any candidate at the November general election and for state or local questions at any election.

Applications to register to vote or to change political affiliation are available at the Garvin County Election Board office in the county courthouse or any tag agency.

Any races for the elections later this year will begin to take shape during the fast approaching three-day filing period.

Individuals looking to run for a county office will file those intentions Monday through Wednesday, June 5-7 at the Election Board office located in the Garvin County Courthouse.

Those filings will be open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. each of the three days.

Garvin County offices that will be involved in the filings are assessor, treasurer and District 1 and District 3 commissioners.

Candidates for state offices will file with the secretary of the state Election Board.

The longer list of state offices include district and associate district judges in Garvin County, district attorney for the area that includes Garvin County, U.S. and state representatives, state senator, governor, lieutenant governor, state auditor and inspector, attorney general, state treasurer, superintendent of public instruction, labor commissioner, insurance commissioner and corporation commissioner.

For more information on the upcoming election year, visit the Oklahoma Election Board web site at

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