A hotline recently created for a region that includes Garvin County is meant to get people on the right track for help during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s the creation of Lighthouse Behavioral Well Centers, which provides mental health services in places like Pauls Valley.

One Lighthouse official says while the centers have been providing services over the past year or so it was determined there's a need out there to find other resources in the community.

Jordan Sampson says this COVID-19 hotline is intended to help the public impacted by the pandemic find those resources.

“The hotline is meant to direct them to the best resources; whatever they need,” Sampson tells the PV Democrat.

“It could be food banks, public assistance, things like that. We want to help them find the resources or services they need.”

The hotline created by Lighthouse is 1-844-384-5034.

According to Sampson, the idea of creating a hotline of this type came from some federal funding received by Lighthouse, along with officials at the various centers in the region seeing the need as the pandemic progressed.

“We got a grant from FEMA, and part of that grant is this hotline,” he said, referring to the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

“What we did is get a team together and create this hotline. There are seven people on the hotline with one solely assigned to Garvin County.”

The Lighthouse team works with local resources and services in Garvin, Bryan, Carter, Johnston, Love, Pontotoc, Marshall, Murray and Seminole counties.

A variety of resources are available through the hotline, including counseling services, educational resources, substance abuse programs, employment services and food and housing resources.

With the goal of helping meet the needs of people adversely impacted by COVID-19, the list of resources continues to grow as Sampson says the Lighthouse team keeps meeting with various agencies in the region.

It’s also important to remember the hotline is available to the general public at no cost.

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