A Garvin County teenager now formally sentenced for fatally shooting his uncle back in 2016 is among a group of inmates on their way to a state facility.

Bladen Wright is 18 years old now but he was 15 when he fired the shotgun blast that killed Allen Counts, 23, at the family's property in the Hennepin area.

Wright faced a murder charge for some time, which was later reduced to first-degree manslaughter as the teen pleaded no contest with no plea deal in advance.

Just over two weeks ago Wright himself took the witness stand to publicly offer some of this thoughts about what he called tragic mistake that claimed the life of his beloved uncle.

“I miss Alan,” Wright said during the June 17 sentencing hearing in a Garvin County District courtroom. “He was a father to me. Alan's everything to me.

“I'm sorry. I really am. I wish I could take it all back. I want to fix what I did. I really want him back. I hope you all forgive me. What I did was foolish. I was doing something I shouldn't have been doing. I'm really sorry.

“It haunts me. Every day it goes through my mind. I can't get it out of my mind.”

Wright was formally sentenced to a 10-year prison term with an additional five years suspended.

On the day of his sentencing Wright had been incarcerated for more than 900 days. As part of his sentence he was given credit for that time already served.

A number of other inmates in the Garvin County jail were also transferred to begin the prison terms handed to them here.

They include Cameron Lowe, 47, of Elmore City; Gregory Rushing, 28, of Pauls Valley; Kendall Raymond Amos, 25, of Wynnewood; Deane Jones, 25, of Wynnewood; Crystal Moore, 41, of Lindsay; and Charles Tyler Foster, 35, of Wayne.

The Garvin County Sheriff’s Office reminds the public of the services of OK VINE, which is a criminal tracking and victim notification system that allows the ability to track the location and release of an inmate.

The website is a service of the Oklahoma Attorney General’s Office and can be found on the at www.vinelink.com online.

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