A small group of inmates were recently sent from Garvin County jail to begin serving their sentences in prison.

Among them was Jack Wilson Cesar Jr., 57, of Norman, who was convicted of first-degree manslaughter in the death of a passenger in a traffic accident on Sept. 23, 2018.

Cesar was the driver of a vehicle that crashed off a highway near the Stephens County line a few miles from Elmore City resulting in the death of Joseph Whitaker.

State troopers testifying in a court hearing said they concluded the cause of the fatality accident was “DUI” as tests showed Cesar had 0.213 percent blood-alcohol content in his system. He also tested positive for opioids.

In a plea agreement Cesar was given a 30-year term with 15 of that time to be spent in prison.

• Another inmate is Derrick Parfait, 22, of Pauls Valley, who was sentenced to 10 years in prison just last month.

In a court hearing in Pauls Valley, Parfait pleaded guilty to charges ranging from drug possession and trafficking to assaulting his girlfriend by strangling her to child abuse. He was sentenced on Oct. 16.

• Kobe Mahoney, 19, of Seminole was convicted of multiple rape charges filed in October 2019.

After submitting a no contest plea this past June, Mahoney was ordered into a delayed program for young adults. His sentencing date has been scheduled in December.

• Shiloh Henderson, 38, of Elmore City was given a five-year term on an aggravated assault and battery conviction.

Henderson was convicted of striking a woman on her head back in November 2019 causing a “brain bleed” and the need for surgery and 42 stitches.

• Cecil Byron Harrison, 47, of Pauls Valley was sentenced to four years in prison on burglary and stolen property convictions handed down this past summer.

• Ryan McCroskey, 28, of Maysville received a 10-year term for a series of arson cases.

McCroskey pleaded no contest to intentionally setting fires, including blazes in five dumpsters in Maysville on Christmas Day 2019.

• Just a few weeks after being formally charged in May with a dozen counts Kyle Holman, 37, of Stratford accepted a deal that includes a life term with all but 22 years suspended.

Holman was facing such charges as child sexual abuse, rape, sodomy and assault with a dangerous weapon.

• Matthew Cheatham, 22, was given a 15-year prison sentence after pleading no contest to three counts of second-degree rape. The sentence was given on Oct. 19.

• A 10-year prison term was given to Mario Berger, 31, of Pauls Valley.

Berger accepted a plea deal in July for an assault charge involving a knife.

• Tavis Wright, 22, of Hennepin got a 10-year term with five years of the time suspended on a third-degree burglary charge in August. The term is concurrent with other cases here and in Murray County.

• Eslee McCroskey, 31, was given seven years in prison after receiving a deferred sentence from a burglary case in June.

McCroskey is alleged to have violated the terms of his probation by failing to report for community sentencing, making contact with a probation officer, taking or passing an ordered drug test and appearing for a community sentencing docket.

• Matthew Engles, 35, of Maysville was given 15-years, which had been suspended from a drug distribution conviction in 2017. The suspended term was revoked after Engles is alleged to have violated the terms of probation.

• Danual Valerio, 37, of Lindsay received 10- and 15-year terms with all suspended except for the first five years on domestic assault and kidnapping charges.

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