Keeping school days dry at Whitebead

Work has been ongoing for some time as Whitebead School is getting a new roof on every one of the buildings on the campus just west of Pauls Valley. (PV Democrat photo)

Putting out a variety of containers to catch water dripping down every time it rains will soon be a thing of the past at Whitebead School.

Work is nearing completion to plug the leaks as the school located just west of Pauls Valley is now getting a brand new roof.

When Superintendent Lou Ann Wood says new roof she means every single building at the school for students up through the eighth grade is a part of this project.

“It's all very exciting because we were desperately in need of a new roof,” Wood said, adding even the smaller portable classroom buildings are getting new roofs.

“This will be a new roof from the field house to the entire campus. Every roof will be addressed at this school.”

It’s been a challenging journey that’s guaranteed to dry things up as work is progressing to place the new roof on the different school buildings.

The best part is it appears the school’s insurance policy will covering the total cost of just over $400,000.

“Finally we got an adjustor who went to bat for us. It’s been going on about a year trying to get it all in place. The insurance company approved it, so here we are getting a new roof,” Wood said.

“I’m feeling so blessed for this new roof to actually happen.”

This move to get things in the dry should bring an end to the school’s recent tradition of dealing with so many leaks that seem to pop up just about everywhere on Whitebead’s campus.

“I’ve been here four years as superintendent and we’ve had leaks the whole time,” she said. “In my office it leaked to the point where we put plastic over my desk when it rained.”

Wood’s office wasn’t the only place as the leaks were so common teachers and school staff knew exactly where to put containers to catch the rain water as it came into the buildings.

“The big gym is beautiful and we’re really proud of it, but it would leak when it rains. You know where it’s going to leak, so we would strategically place eight trash cans out in the gym to catch the water.

“We knew where it was going to leak all over the school, so when it rained we would start placing the containers for the water.

“Water dripping into classrooms and school facilities is not the best way to help students and teachers.”

Along with the containers another routine was to caulk certain spots around the school every time a leak started dripping water. Wood says that same leak would usually return sooner than later.

When the new roof is finally placed by contractors it will have a guarantee of at least 20 years.

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