A knife was at the center of two potentially dangerous incidents in Garvin County that now have a couple of defendants facing felony assault charges.

One came in Lindsay as Joseph Mark Holden, 38, claims he was being assaulted when he stabbed two brothers.

Another was in Pauls Valley as Richard Bell, 43, threw a knife contained in a sheath at a family member during an argument.

As for Holden, he's facing two counts of assault and battery with a deadly weapon.

The formal charges come from an incident on Dec. 1 where he stabbed Jeffery Ardrey and Eric Ardrey at a trailer park in Lindsay.

A court document shows police found one brother on the ground with a stab wound to his abdomen and the other with lacerations to his torso, including a “significant” wound to the left underarm.

Both claimed it was Holden who stabbed them.

Holden's claim is the brothers and one other attacked him as he was put in a choke-hold and kicked in the face while on the ground.

He told authorities he grabbed his pocket knife and started stabbing the brothers to stop the attack.


Bell is facing one filed charge after he threw a knife in a protective case and struck a woman during an incident Dec. 5 at a Pauls Valley residence in the 300 block of West Montie.

Records show it was the early morning hours when police arrived at the scene. They found a woman with blood in her hair, on her face and down her neck. She claimed to have been stabbed by Bell.

The woman said they were arguing when Bell threw the knife, which struck her in the head.

“Bell stated that he did it and just wanted us to get on with it and take him to jail for what he had done,” an officer stated in an affidavit.

Officers added it was a fixed blade knife as Bell was given a $50,000 bond as part of the charge.

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