Saving a nice chunk of change is the reason Pauls Valley city officials decided this week to make a move closer to home as the place to take local trash.

Four members of the PV City Council agreed with the recommendation of City Manager James Frizell to make a change in the landfill it uses as the final destination for locally collected solid waste.

Frizell makes it clear savings in transportation costs is the reason for the move away from a provider used by Pauls Valley for the past decade and a half.

“We had a bid opening for our solid waste operation,” Frizell said during a regular council meeting this week.

“Waste Connections (of Oklahoma) has been our provider for 15 years. Since that time WCA opened up. It opened up an opportunity that we could go out to bid again.”

It was back in 2004 when the council in place at that time approved a solid waste agreement with Waste Connections.

At that time Pauls Valley had a brand new solid waste transfer building on the northwest side of town

Waste Connections got the landfill bid because it was far lower than other bidders.

However, that's also called for higher hauling costs over the years as multiple trips were made daily to dispose of the solid waste in a landfill facility in Alex nearly 40 miles away from PV.

Frizell told council members new ownership at the landfill still in place in a southern portion of Pauls Valley has brought in a bid low enough to make a return possible.

“WCA is a home facility. We do all the hauling,” he said.

The council then approved the second of two options from WCA, which calls for PV crews to continuing with the hauling of trash.

The only difference is the destination is local, which Frizell says will provide plenty of savings for the city of PV.

“This is a business move. We have hundreds of tons of solid waste each day. The hauling fees will save us $20,000 a month.”

Much of those costs come from the solid waste transfer center here going from a more local facility in the early years to serving more of the region which has increased the amount of trash headed to the landfill.

The now approved measure calls for a cost of $14.41 for each ton of solid waste disposed of at the local landfill.

Even with the move the city manager has high praise for the Waste Connections company.

“It provided us with a deal that's been best for us all these years,” he said.

“Waste Connections has done nothing but an admirable job for us. I hate to sever times with them because they've been so good to work with and they've provided us with flexibility.

“But right now we want to go in a different direction.”

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