Hopes of someday bringing back a satellite health department site in Lindsay are now officially off the table.

The site of a former clinic in Lindsay, representing an extension of the Garvin County Health Department, was shut down two years ago because of budget cuts reported for the Oklahoma Department of Health.

This week all three Garvin County commissioners voted to deed the building, formerly housing the clinic, back to the local school district in Lindsay.

“We were hanging onto what would happen to the health department,” said Carol Dillingham, who serves as counsel for the commissioners here.

“We were hoping to perhaps get that back open.”

Funding apparently remains enough of a problem where it was finally decided the building serving for years as a health department site in Lindsay will not be re-opened.

“The lease calls for the building to revert back to Lindsay schools if the building isn't used for a county health department site,” Dillingham said.

“What's happening now is we're giving official notice that they're going to be able to take the property back,” she said about the school system.

The announcement about the clinic's closure first came in the spring of 2016.

Regional director Keith Reed said at that time the satellite site's closure, which came weeks later, was the result of all the cuts being made to the Oklahoma Health Department as a whole.

Reed told commissioners at that time there were also structural problems for the facility estimated to be about 1,600 square feet in size.

Built in the 1970s, the satellite health clinic in Lindsay closed on July 1, 2016.

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