A Lindsay man made his initial court appearance Thursday afternoon on a formal charge filed the previous day alleging he injured his infant daughter by shaking her while angry.

James Lyle Davoult, 20, was taken into custody Wednesday by Lindsay police and faces one felony count of child abuse.

Davoult is accused of shaking 9-month-old Kaylee Barnes during the time period of Jan. 5-8, resulting in fractures and bruises to various parts of her small body.

The charge came after this evidence surfaced, in addition to an interview where Davoult is reported to have admitted the allegation to Lindsay Detective Robert Brooks.

Brooks reported Davoult appeared nervous and shivered uncontrollably despite wearing a long sleeve shirt during a Jan. 16 interview at Lindsay’s police station.

“James told me that he had been taking several drugs illegally and that he had a temper,” Brooks stated in an affidavit filed in Garvin County District Court.

“James also told me that he shook Kaylee at times when he became angry. After telling me this James became very calm and did not display uncontrollable shivering.”

On the same day Brooks also spoke with the baby’s mother, Tiffany Barnes, who his report showed is so far not being considered a suspect in the case despite some apparent discrepancies in her story to police.

“Through this interview I concluded that Tiffany was not the source for Kaylee’s injuries, but she did however have knowledge that James had injured Kaylee,” Brooks stated.

It was Barnes who claimed her daughter’s injuries came when she fell from a “walk and ride” toy and on a second occasion, also reported to be the first week of January, when the baby suddenly twisted around and rolled off a bed while having her diaper changed.

Court documents show the baby had sustained bruising to her arms, head, face and left side of her body, in addition to fractures to her tibia and two ribs.

Three days before the separate interviews with the Lindsay couple, reports show local police were contacted by Oklahoma City authorities about the alleged child abuse case.

That report came after Barnes took her young daughter to Children’s Hospital in Oklahoma City on Jan. 11.

Hospital officials there learned of the baby’s injuries, which brought into the case officials from the state Department of Human Services (DHS) office in Pauls Valley.

The filed affidavit revealed the DHS had filed two earlier reports, dated May 10 and July 18 of last year, about alleged abuse to Kaylee.

The more recent investigation came from information given by a physician assistant in Lindsay, who reported observing on Jan. 10 bruising to Kaylee’s head.

That led to the baby being taken to Oklahoma City, where medical officials reported she had multiple fractures and bruises on her right leg and ribs that appeared to be 8 to 9 days old.

Officials also reported the baby had multiple bruising and tenderness on her left leg and hip. The case was at that point turned over to police.

The affidavit also showed Davoult’s mother, Karen Davoult, told DHS workers that both her son and Tiffany Barnes had substance abuse problems.

Reports show she also reported her son had been arrested Jan. 11 in Cleveland County for altering a medical prescription. He reportedly bonded out of jail the following day.

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