A group of inmates in Garvin County's jail are on their way to prison, including a Pauls Valley couple sentenced to a lifetime behind bars for sexually and physically abusing their own children.

The jail's most recent transfer of inmates to the state Department of Corrections (DOC) includes Gerrad Coddington, 26, and his wife Christina Nelson-Coddington, 30.

Just over a month ago both were handed the harshest penalty possible – a life term in prison without the possibility of parole – after basically throwing themselves on the mercy of the court.

After a four-hour hearing in early December with various witnesses taking the stand Garvin County District Judge Leah Edwards sentenced both defendants to what amounts to life in prison without the chance to ever get out.

Gerrad Coddington was sentenced on 17 counts, while his wife faced 12 charges. Both were accused of taking part in sexual acts with a two-year-old girl who is Christina’s biological daughter and Gerrad’s stepdaughter.

Both have also admitted to beating her two young sons, now 10 and six years old, and often withholding food from them.

Also being sent to prison is Douglas Wallace, 24, of Pauls Valley after he was sentenced to serve a 10-year term with another 25 years suspended on charges of firearm and drug possession.

Jeremy Dunn, 45, of Pauls Valley pleaded no contest to trafficking methamphetamine, which resulted in a sentence of 29 years with all of it suspended except the first nine years.

Justin Upchurch, 23, of Pauls Valley was given a two-year prison term after pleading no contest to firearm possession and a stolen property charge.

Kenneth Cresswell Jr., 34, of Oklahoma City was sentenced to six months in an intermediate revocation facility operated by the DOC after violating conditions of a probation agreement for two bogus check charges.

Also included on the list of inmates made available by the Garvin County Sheriff's Office is Kahlan Gibson, 23, of Pauls Valley.

Officials also remind the public about the service of OK VINE, which is a criminal tracking and victim notification system that allows the ability to track the location and release of an inmate.

The online website, www.vinelink.com, is a service of the Oklahoma Attorney General’s Office.

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