With some hesitation a group of Pauls Valley officials gave the OK earlier this week to update some local city ordinances with one targeting an issue going before voters in less than two weeks.

Put simply, all five members of the Pauls Valley City Council moved Tuesday night to adopt a list of local alcohol-related license fees to match those set by the state of Oklahoma.

The only exception was the annual fee served up to local liquor stores, which remained the same rather than a dramatic increase earlier being considered.

The only real change, and the one causing some council members a bit of hesitation to act before a fast approaching election, was an ordinance focused on an alcoholic beverage measure.

Set to go before Garvin County voters on Nov. 7 is the liquor-by-the-drink proposition.

The new city ordinances given the council’s approval includes one that would only apply if the measure is supported by the voters.

“The reason we’re doing it is to be ready if it passes,” City Manager James Frizell said about a local fee that would be paid by businesses licensed to sell the individual alcoholic drinks.

Naturally, if voters say no to the measure next month the new license fee would not apply to Pauls Valley despite an ordinance that keeps it on the books.

If voters say yes the businesses seeking a mixed beverage license would pay an initial fee of $1,005 with the following yearly renewals coming to $905.

Also causing the council some discomfort was the idea of tripling the annual fees paid by local liquor stores.

That’s what would have happened if the council had gone with the state fees.

As a result, council members turned down a proposal to increase the fee to $905 each year and decided to keep it at the current level of $300.

“If you don’t want to raise taxes on package stores and the local people, that’s fine,” city attorney Jay Carlton said.

“You can pick and choose the items you want to approve. You tell me which ones you want to exclude and I will exclude them,” he said to the council.

That’s exactly what the council agreed to do as members voted to exclude the liquor store portion while accepting the remaining fees that match up with the maximum allowed by the state.

Carlton reminded the council that many of the items contained in the updated liquor-related ordinance currently do not apply to Pauls Valley.

The only other change from Tuesday’s action is the fee for an Oklahoma winemaker license went from $50 to $75.

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