A long list featuring vacations to Las Vegas to youth football camps to paying her own property taxes is at the center of criminal embezzlement charges now faced by an Elmore City woman.

Two felony charges, filed last week on Dec. 17, are aimed right at Ilene Cain, 48, as a state prosecutor says she had “devised” a scheme where she would use her company's credit card to buy a whole variety of services and products got herself over a five-year term.

Cain is accused of embezzling nearly $85,000 from 2015 to just a few weeks ago using a card belonging to Venture Pipe and Supply in Lindsay.

As the company's office manager Cain had access to the Venture credit card to pay for office supplies and occasional travel expenses, according to documents filed in Garvin County District Court.

Corey Miner, assistant district attorney in Garvin County, says the pattern of Cain's fraudulent purchases started slow before the spending really picked up over the last few years.

“As a longtime employee she had a company credit card to purchase office supplies and occasionally for travel,” Miner said.

“She was testing the water starting off slow that first year,” he said, adding the total early on was for only around $650.

“Once she figured out that she would be able to get away with it the spending gradually started going up over the next few years.

“She would go on lavish Las Vegas trips and the next month use the card to pay for it.”

Miner said the spending pattern went from nearly $4,000 in 2016 to $7,400 in 2017, nearly 18,000 in 2018 to $34,300 last year and around $20,600 in 2020.

The case against Cain actually started back on Nov. 17 when a Garvin County deputy was called in to take a fraud report from the owner of the Venture company.

An affidavit shows Cain was terminated from her job as office manager on Oct. 22 due to a restructuring of the company. On her way out Cain was given a severance package totaling $8,900.

A few weeks later the owner and other employees began going through the company's statements for the credit card issued to Cain.

First it was one unusual charge that caught their attention leading to a closer look at the activity on the card going back to 2015. They soon estimated the charges to be over $80,000.

The card issued to Cain was supposed to only be for office supplies and on “rare occasions” a hotel room for employees.

During the investigation it was learned Cain, who oversaw accounts payable for the company, had converted the credit card statement process to paperless as the owner claimed to have no knowledge of that change.

The affidavit shows the fraudulent charges in Ilene Cain's name were made at numerous hotels, including a vacation in Las Vegas that coincided with photos posted on the Facebook page she shares with her husband. Casino charges were also included.

Recurring charges were made with the card to a national college recruiting company, a youth football camp in Iowa and even University of Oklahoma football tickets.

Others included medical marijuana, make-up, golf cart rentals and furniture delivered to the Cain home on at least two occasions

The card was also used for hotel stays in Oklahoma, Washington, Florida and Texas, along with airlines tickets, various restaurants and utilities that included television and Internet costs.

The actual total for the alleged embezzlement is $84,849.72. The second felony against Cain is for violating the Oklahoma Computer Crimes Act.

She was released on her own recognizance late last week as Cain's next scheduled court appearance is in February.

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