The voice loudly declaring for some time, much of it online, possible wrongdoing leading to last year's closure of Pauls Valley's hospital is apparently getting a lot of attention at a handful of recent gatherings.

Skip Mitchell of Lindsay says the turnout was again high for a second set of town hall meetings in Pauls Valley this past weekend.

Much like one last month, Mitchell said two more held Saturday afternoon brought in a lot of folks wanting to know more as he and the Forum Consulting Group have questioned the management and operation of PV's hospital, which was shut down nearly exactly one year ago.

“Our goal at this point it to get the message to the people,” Mitchell tells the PV Democrat. “Our message has been that you've got corruption going on.

“We'll back off when the (former hospital) employees are made whole and we have significant change on the council. I've been up front about that from the beginning.”

Mitchell's main focus appears to be on questions over city loans related to the hospital and his claim open meetings rules have been violated.

“It's come down to no one questions anything. I'm assured that there will be an investigative audit at some point,” Mitchell said this week, adding he also believes there is the possibility of a criminal investigation.

“I say prove me wrong and have this audit,” he said, adding there are a number of ways to request the state auditor's office conduct an audit of a specific situation.

Mitchell said he doesn't believe the hospital had to close in October 2018. He also believes the law does allow for the local hospital to regain its license and open under the leadership of a more proven provider.

Despite the differences he has with the city, Mitchell says he's among the many people who would like to see an open hospital again in Pauls Valley.

“I will not impede with the opportunity for a hospital to open back up. I will give my time and resources to help with that.

“The best scenario for the hospital is to let somebody else be the licensee.”

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