The criminal charges piled up faster than jars filled with spirits as a trio of suspects now face a long list of formal accusations centering on operating an illegal whisky still in far southern Garvin County.

The moonshine operation busted last week in the Hennepin area resulted in the arrests of Kenneth White, 53, Jackie Rollings, 56, and Donald Teeter, 67.

Then came the charges filed by officials in the Garvin County District Attorney's Office as a total of 14 filed against White was the fewest by far.

A total of 30 charges was handed to Teeter, while another 29 went to Rollings. Most of those, 18 for both suspects, were for felony counts of possessing a firearm after a former felony conviction.

All three are accused of operating a whiskey still without a distillers license, conspiracy and illegal drug charges.

White was the only suspect to be hit with three felony counts of cruelty to animals, which specifically was failing to provide food and water to dogs.

It was a tip to the Garvin County Sheriff's Office that led deputies to site of the illegal liquor making operation back on Aug. 17.

Officials described it as a “pretty in-depth operation” as about 50 jars of moonshine were being distilled when deputies arrived to conduct a search of the premises a few miles west of Hennepin.

They reported seeing two individuals, White and Rollings, standing in the driveway of a residence as Teeter was found inside a nearby building.

A deputy reported seeing an “operational whiskey still that was showing pressure on a gauge.”

Outside of that room two large ice chests were found containing “mash,” which is used in the process of making alcoholic beverages. Jars of what was believed to be homemade liquor were found at various sites around the property.

Along with no permit to legally make the liquor, authorities said the trio of suspects also had a number of stolen guns and property at the site, along with illegal drugs, specifically methamphetamine.

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