We don’t yet know who the replacement will be for Garvin County’s soon-to-retire sheriff. We do, however, know a number of employees from that office have voiced their opinions on the issue.

With their future employment at stake, a group from the sheriff’s office in Pauls Valley got the chance to offer their views during a brief meeting with all three county commissioners earlier this week.

It remains a mystery what those views are since the meeting was held behind closed doors.

One thing’s for sure — sheriff’s department employees wanted the commissioners to know what they felt since it’s that trio who will ultimately name a replacement for Bill Roady.

Roady, who won the sheriff’s post back in 2002, announced more than two weeks ago he will step down after serving through May 31.

This week’s discussions centered on the opinions of many from Roady’s current staff.

“We’ve listened to some of their concerns and opinions from the sheriff’s department,” District 2 Commissioner Shon Richardson said, referring specifically to “some of the deputies.”

“We’re waiting on more legal advice and our options for what direction we should go,” he said.

During Roady’s announcement on March 30, he said the main reasons for his decision to retire are some unspecified health issues he will need to address and the retirement of his wife LaDonna this past December.

Since then commissioners have been actively seeking input from the public on the question of who should be appointed as the next sheriff overseeing the Garvin County area.

During last week’s meeting commissioners said they had received several telephone calls from area residents giving their opinions, in addition to letters and even petitions with one that reportedly included 44 names.

It appears the flow of that initial wave of input is beginning to slow down.

“I had some phone calls, people would see me at the store and give me their opinions,” Richardson said.

“After about a week I haven’t heard much.”

One person who has made his opinion public is Roady himself.

The sheriff has said he submitted his recommendation of Undersheriff Steve Brooks as the person he thinks should be appointed to the office.

According to county officials, the appointment is needed because state law only allows a special election during those years when county officers are normally on the ballot, which won’t occur until 2010.

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