Two charges have been tossed and three new ones added for a Pauls Valley man accused of firing gunshots last December at a vehicle with his former girlfriend and her current boyfriend inside.

Kenneth Veales, 41, is accused of firing multiple gunshots at a car driven by Jerry Miles with Ericka Hamilton inside as a passenger moments after Veales and Miles had an argument on the street in the 200 block of North Hickory.

Both Miles and Hamilton, along with Miles’ mother Kathy Williams, took the stand in a Pauls Valley courtroom Thursday afternoon to give their accounts of the event.

Hamilton, who used to date Veales, said she and Miles, her current boyfriend, went to the site on Dec. 3 to visit friends, who happen to live across the street from Veales’ residence.

Shortly after their arrival she said Miles and Veales got into a heated argument.

Hamilton said she was unable to physically move Miles so they could leave, but friends at the scene were able to get Miles to her vehicle. It was then the first gunshot rang out, she said.

“I heard a gunshot,” Hamilton said.

“At first I didn’t know if it was what I thought it was. When I heard a few more (gunshots) I just lost it. I was scared to death,” she said.

After leaving the area Hamilton said Pauls Valley police officers later checked out her vehicle and retrieved two bullets — one found in the back of the driver’s seat and another in the driver’s side door.

A third bullet hole was found in a lower portion of her four-door vehicle, she said.

Miles claimed the incident was sparked by Veales throwing a beer can at Hamilton. After taking a swing at Veales and striking him on the shoulder, Miles said he and Hamilton got into her car to leave as Miles had gone into his nearby home.

“The next thing I knew I saw Mr. Veales pointing a black gun at me,” Miles said.

“I saw him shooting.”

Miles added he was bruised by the bullet found in the seat.

Williams testified she actually saw Veales fire the weapon but didn’t believe he was trying to hurt anyone because the gun was somewhat elevated into the air.

“I didn’t think he was pointing it at (Miles),” Williams said.

“I thought he was shooting up in the air. I saw him firing the gun. I didn’t think he was aiming to hurt anybody,” she said.

No longer part of the case against Veales are the original charges of shooting with the intent to kill and an alternative assault count.

The three new charges now faced by Veales are assault and battery with a deadly weapon, assault with a dangerous weapon and possession of a firearm after a former conviction.

A jury trial date for the case is expected to be set on April 15.

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