A bond total won't get any smaller as the case moves forward for a Maysville man accused of firing random gunshots while in the middle of extreme drug-induced paranoia.

Authorities believe Steven Ray White, 46, was experiencing hallucinations after taking some methamphetamine when he recently fired multiple shots from inside his trailer located near Maysville.

The incident in the overnight hours of Jan. 8 includes a couple of those shots finding their way into a neighbor's trailer with one striking the same bed mattress where a couple was sleeping at the time.

After White's arrest he was handed two felony charges and handed a $100,000 bond. That was the judge's decision after state prosecutors asked for a $500,000 bond, while White's defense requested the total be set at $50,000.

The defendant's request to lower the six-figure bond total was the subject of a recent hearing in Garvin County District Court.

There was no testimony as court documents show White's defense identified family members who can vouch for the defendant. The defense's argument against a risk of flight was White had a job and a local residence as the new request was for a $20,000 bond.

Prosecutors argued against any bond reduction because of the nature of the shooting allegations.

A judge ruled there will be no reduced bond. However, the same ruling adds if White ever does post bond and is freed from jail he can't travel to or reside at the trailer where the shooting occurred.


When the shooting occurred earlier this month a Maysville police officer was the first at the scene.

He reported hearing gunshots as a bullet struck the ground near his patrol car, which resulted in the officer backing off while waiting for county deputies to arrive.

The officer did report hearing a male screaming some threats from inside the trailer.

When the officer and county deputies went inside they found White was alone. He was claiming to be holding another man at gunpoint as White said a group of armed people had come into his trailer.

White was at the time holding a rifle, while a handgun was in a holster on his right hip.

A small bag filled with meth was found in a hoodie he was wearing, along with a glass smoking device.

Officials believe White was under the influence of meth when he fired a total of 19 gunshots from inside his trailer. Two of those shots struck a neighbor's trailer nearly hitting its two sleeping occupants.

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