The number of formal criminal charges have jumped up even more against a Paoli man accused of “grooming” a local teenage girl for various forms of sexual exploitation over many months.

Felony counts went from 14 to a new total of 31 as the most recent accusations came late last week for Jerry Lee Walker, 39.

Walker is accused of first pushing for the Paoli teen to send nude photos of herself and then propositions of money for sex and later forcing the girl into sexual acts.

An official in the Garvin County District Attorney’s office makes it clear Walker’s alleged acts against a young girl will not be prosecuted lightly.

“The district attorney will not offer one ounce of mercy to individuals who threaten the welfare of children in this county,” Assistant District Attorney Cory Miner said after the newest charges were added Sept. 30.

According to Miner, it was the continued investigation by the Garvin County Sheriff’s Office and a thorough review of the evidence obtained through search warrants that led to additional felony charges being identified in this case.

“Forensic analysis of the defendant’s cell phone is ongoing and the district attorney is being assisted by computer experts with the OSBI (Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation) and Department of Homeland Security,” he said.

“In the event that more violations of the law are discovered they will be added to the 31 counts presently charged.”

Court records show Walker first expressed interest in the girl with electronic messages starting back in June 2019.

That connection led to the summer of 2020 when Walker is alleged to have begun a series of requests for the girl, then 15 years old, to electronically send nude photos of herself.

During that period Walker is accused of meeting with the girl and forcing her into a sexual act.

Electronic records indicate she refused at first but later did send the lewd photos on a couple of occasions in February 2021. The girl was 16 at the time.

Early that month Walker is accused of offering the girl $400 to have sexual intercourse, which records show she refused.

According to documents, there was one exchange where Walker sent a message that said, “Well if you ever change your mind or wanna make some money.”

“I want to make money but I don’t feel comfortable having sex with you because your so much older,” the girl said in a response.

Last week Sheriff Jim Mullett said the electronic records show there was a clear pattern of Walker “grooming” the girl toward sexual interactions.

“He had been in contact with her for a year. He started texting her, then he asked for inappropriate videos and then went to offering money for favors,” Mullett said.

Since his arrest Walker has remained in Garvin County jail with a $500,000 bond. Miner asked for that total to be $750,000.

Formal allegations include forcible oral sodomy, soliciting child prostitution, lewd proposals to a child, solicitation of sexual conduct with a minor and sexual battery of a minor.

If bond is ever posted the conditions of Walker’s release include him not being allowed to have contact with the girl or any minor and he is not allowed access to the Internet or any electronic device capable of communication.


Moments before testimony was set to begin a Maysville man accused of possessing child pornography waived his right to a preliminary hearing.

The brief court gathering last week was for Joseph Lee Jackson, 27.

With one state’s witness, an official with OSBI coming from Oklahoma City, it was a quick return back to the office after the defense for Jackson indicated more preparation work is still needed.

“It’s our intention to waive our right to a preliminary hearing,” said defense attorney Billy Vandever.

“I have reviewed some of the evidence in this case and understand there’s other evidence being analyzed at this time.”

Jackson was initially held in county jail on a $500,000 bond for the trio of child porn charges he now faces. That bond, later reduced to $100,000, was posted releasing Jackson from incarceration during the case.

Prosecutors say more than 100 images and videos showing child porn were found in Jackson’s cell phone when his Maysville residence was searched by authorities on July 15.

Jackson is next set to make a court appearance later this month.

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