Numbers are in for old schools

The numbers are in for the appraised values of the properties where two old Pauls Valley schools now sit after being vacated earlier this year for a new larger facility.

It came with the values of Jefferson and Jackson schools as they are today, along with just the land where they’re located.

Members of the PV Board of Education get a few more answers during a regular meeting last week.

Superintendent Mike Martin said the appraised values for the school owned properties as they are today are $345,000 for Jackson School and $205,000 for Jefferson School on the east side of town.

When it comes to the land only, the values are $62,500 for Jackson and $37,000 for Jefferson.

“That’s what it says our buildings are worth,” Martin said to the three school board members in attendance at a recent meeting.

“I would feel a whole lot better if all five could be here to discuss this and make a decision. It’s getting to the point where we need to decide – put them up for sale or tear them down and sell the property.”

Martin did add there has been one reported break-in at Jefferson since it and Jackson closed down with the March 1 opening of the new Pauls Valley Elementary School, which houses prekindergarten through the third grade.

Board President David Assad, who has decades of experience in construction, said the appraised values of the properties may be a little misleading.

“It’s worth more to us than what’s listed here,” Assad said. “It’s worth more than what is says here. These are just raw land prices.

“All of it can be developed. I think we serve the community better if we have a clear lot and something can be done with it.”

The board has for several weeks been looking to get the two old schools appraised with the eventual goal being to sell the properties and provide the school district with some revenue.

So far board members appear to be leaning toward demolishing the two buildings, both dating back to 1940, and then putting the properties up for sale.

No action was taken on that or the possibility of changing the name of another Pauls Valley school.

Martin said there has been talk of a proposed new name for Lee Elementary, which he said is Pauls Valley Intermediate School.

Also on the horizon is the start of a new school year. Here in PV the first day of classes is Aug. 12.

The superintendent said it’s still a fluid situation when it comes to the possibility of students and staff wearing masks in the school buildings.

In fact, he says it’s not really up to local school officials.

“I cannot require masks to be worn in the schools,” Martin said.

“It’s all up to the governor. The governor has to declare a state of emergency. It will not be our decision. It will be up to the governor.”

There are also plans to have health department officials available to provide COVID-19 vaccinations to students 12 year old and older on a voluntary basis.

Martin does plan to eventually provide an online Facebook video to better explain to the public all the back-to-school policies to be in place with the start of the approaching 2021-2022 school year.

He adds there will be a focus at the local elementary school to get students caught up math and reading as a result of the virus pandemic related closures forcing classes to at timed be offered remotely.

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