A recent court filing shows a proposed change in treatment has been withdrawn for a Stratford woman found not guilty by reason of insanity for the non-fatal stabbing of her young son back in 2013.

Before the recent filing Adah Wise, 33, was being recommended for a change fought by the same Garvin County prosecutor who tried her child abuse case years ago.

Corey Miner, an assistant district attorney here, filed his own documents a few weeks ago making it clear he objected to a proposal to allow therapeutic visits for Wise as part of her mental health treatment.

Before any arguments could be heard in a hearing, which had been scheduled for this week in a Pauls Valley courtroom, officials the Oklahoma Forensic Review Board (FRB) submitted a letter showing the approval for the visits has been withdrawn.

“Ms. Wise's treatment team has advised us that they are no longer recommending Ms. Wise for therapeutic visits at this time,” FRB officials stated in the letter filed in the Garvin County District Court case.

“The FRB would therefore like for her treatment team to continue to engage with Ms. Wise regarding her illness.”

Wise's case dates back to Aug. 24, 2013, which is when she used a kitchen knife to stab her then eight-year-old son at their apartment in Stratford.

Miner has argued she stabbed the boy three times before hiding the steak knife behind a couch, cleaned up any blood in the kitchen, along with the knife, and then hid the knife a second time before emergency help was called for her son.

Wise claimed from the beginning her ongoing mental health problems, diagnosed as schizophrenia by at least one professional, were what caused her to injury the boy.

A Garvin County judge cited Wise's continued hallucinations and her history of not following outpatient treatment plans when handing down a verdict of not guilty by reason of insanity in a 2016 non-jury trial held in a Pauls Valley courtroom.

After the verdict Wise was sent to a state mental health facility for treatment. While at that facility she became pregnant by an unknown individual, Miner stated in a document he filed objecting to the therapeutic visits.

According to that document, Wise has been involved in a day treatment program at a Grand Lake Mental Health Center since May 2018.

Then this past August a notice came from the FRB of its intent to allow Wise to take part in the visits to a behavioral health center.

The state's motion objecting to the visits also indicated an intent to issue subpoenas for Wise's records at all of the health facilities and any staff coming into contact with Wise at those sites.

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