Sentencing for a medical doctor who once worked in Pauls Valley's hospital when it was still open will have to wait for now as he apparently is continuing to battle his own drug addiction.

A hearing this week in Pauls Valley was postponed for William Dale Wright, 58, of Edmond.

Wright was a cardiologist working at the local hospital when in early 2018 an undercover sting operation caught the physician writing phony prescriptions and then splitting the pain medications with a second person.

It's since led to eight criminal charges filed against Wright in Garvin County District Court.

Wright, who once had his jury trial scheduled for this past April, later decided to change his plea and let a judge decide his formal sentence.

The sentence was set to come this week, but the hearing was postponed until July as Wright is believed to still be undergoing a drug treatment program at an out-of-state facility.

Wright is formally accused of using “forgery, fraud and deception” to get his hands on such prescription medications as Soma, Xanax and Oxycodone.

Wright's arrest last year came after an undercover operation by the Garvin County Sheriff's Office and agents with the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics.

OBN agents stated in a filed court document Wright utilized a confidential informant to obtain controlled dangerous substances for his own personal use.

According to the document, an informant informed officers with the two agencies the scheme started with Wright meeting him at the doors of PV General Hospital. That was in March 2018 as the hospital itself closed a few months later in October.

There Wright would give the informant written prescriptions, which would be filled at a local pharmacy. The informant then returned to the hospital and again met with Wright at an exterior door.

There the informant claimed to give Wright half of the prescription pain medications.

More specifically, the court document indicates the informant handed Wright a paper bag containing filled Percocet and Soma prescriptions. Moments later Wright was arrested, booked into county jail and released a short time later.

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