A Paoli man held behind bars since assaulting a local police officer this past summer quietly chatted with his court appointed attorney this week moments before deciding to take a plea deal.

The scene unfolded in a Garvin County District courtroom early in the week as Quinn Wykoff, 45, chose to accept a deal that essentially sentences him to a 10-year prison term.

One part of the deal is related to Wykoff striking Paoli officer Justin Hutchings in the head before then using his truck to ram the officer's patrol car.

A total of five criminal charges came from the early morning incident back on June 22.

The plea also involves a previous charge of assaulting his stepdaughter when he attempted to strangle her in November 2018.

The girl told authorities she believed Wykoff was under the influence of methamphetamine during the attack.

When Wykoff failed to show for a court hearing on June 10 related to that case a warrant for his arrest was issued, which came less than two weeks before the assault on the Paoli officer.

Wykoff, driving a flatbed truck, was stopped that morning for a faulty tag light.

After learning about the active warrant for his arrest Wykoff attempted to get in his truck and leave.

Wykoff then struck Hutchings, returned to the truck he was driving, placed it in reverse and used it to ram into the Tahoe patrol car.

With the officer's vehicle damaged Wykoff was able to escape from the scene.

McClain County authorities later found the truck near Rosedale, while learning the license plate on it actually belonged to another vehicle.

A tip later led authorities to Wykoff, who was taken into custody in the Satterwhite area.

During this week's court appearance Wykoff pleaded no contest to a total of six charges. Two of the charges were amended to assault and battery with a dangerous weapon as Wykoff's deal calls for a 10-year prison sentence with another five suspended.

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